Numa and COVID-19

In NUMA Industrial we have taken very restrictive steps for the Covid-19 in our offices and in the factory because we take care of the health and the security of our employers and clients.

The necessary conditions that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus are:

  1. Tell our employees the sanitary protocols
  2. Guarantee the security distance between employees; a minimum of 2 meters.
  3. Avoid agglomerations
  4. Indispensable to work with masks.
  5. Use disinfectant before and after work.
  6. If somebody sees any rare behavior that can put at risk the other people, you have to communicate the Directors. 

And we also contributed in: 

  • The Vic town hall asked us a PVC sheet to waterproof the floor of a pavilion in Gurb to become a field hospital and shelter against possible increases in cases that require hospitalization.


  • During the confinement days, we have carried out different projects to separate the positions in the production chains with plastic sheets to avoid possible contagion.